About us

Audio Distribution with Experience


Very Fine Solutions brings you more than 35 years of passion for music.
Lots of experience with High End Equipment and a drive to bring your business forward.

As Independent Sales Consultant it is my task to inform you about new products and support you.

To bring your business forward with the products I represent.

I provide dealer trainings, support distributors at trade shows and solve your questions…

Music brings you to fond memories, lets your travel to places and connects people no matter their background, colour, religion.

Music helps you to unwind after a stressful day or gets you energized.

My goal is to connect people, bring joy trough music and present a window to the world to reflect and learn from each other.

As a conscious entrepreneur I want to contribute to education from children, as I do believe (and it’s also proven) that musical education makes people smarter, especially when you learn this at an early age.
Raising intelligence for a better future and more joy in life.

Can I count on you to realize this goal? Download my 7 steps and let’s get started…