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Starting a BLOG….Not an easy task if you’re starting from Scratch. Preferably I do spend my time with clients, listening to music, playing music with fellow musicians.

I don’t have a writers education, don’t know al the writer technicals and yet what i’m writing needs to be valuable. Every couple of weeks delivering a blog with information and have impact…That’s a mountain to climb…
I am no different than you…if you’re reading this blog. Know that also for me it’s a task.

Social media channels are the way to go…Are they essential business tools? Please check out the links on this website. like my facebookpage, connect on LinkedIn, look at my Pinterest… but Blogging…ouch…that wasn’t an easy one to start with…

So many things are written about Audio, High End, will another blog be valuable? I can hear you thinking. It’s like jitter and noise…

If I look back at my experience, Being a┬ábusiness owner, consultant, High End Audio audio expert, and musician…There’s so much knowledge to share…

But what is your interest? What do you want to read about?

What would be a truly valuable subject that inspires you and want’s you to read and learn more?

If you landed on my page, then there’s a reason for this. I have invited you, you have found me through social media, you’re one of my customers and you might be wondering… Why you are in my target audience.

My company’s mission statement is: Connecting people trough music. Contributing to a better world trough inspired music lovers, maximizing the performance of their audio systems and inspiring them to become consious,ambitious professionals.

if you recognize yourself, distributing great High-End Audio products, and willing to bring your business to the next level, with a constructive interaction between customers and users of your products.

Then I would like to know from you what your interest is

My questions are:

What would you want to read about?

What would you want to learn?

How can I be at your service?

Please comment below and let me know.

I’ll be more than happy to address your questions and provide the information requested.

Musically yours

Frank Vermeylen
Very Fine Solutions

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