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“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” by Roy Ayers

I believe listening to music trough a High-End audio system is comforting. It has the ability to transport you and your emotions, to a place where you come back to yourself, relax and enjoy the moment. That precious moment for yourself. These moments are moments where you also connect to the important people close to you.

Where is the time, when people sat around a radio, listening to a play….Woo doesn’t remember “War of the worlds” or maybe “Three Skeleton Key… Long time classics in an art where radio, and the Art of using sounds, was used to stimulate our minds…A few words, a sound and our mind fills in the gap… We’re in the story and get carried away.

Music can do the same, and there’s so much more to music…. We all get so used to sound and noise surrounding us, we don’t pay attention to it anymore. Have you ever looked up the word “Music” in a dictionary?

The definition (according to Merriam-Webster)

a  :  the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity

b  :  vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony

To me these words carry a lot more meaning than you would believe at first sight.

Music is a science…Why is music, affecting us, some songs make you cry, others make you happy, is it the lyrics, the combination of lyrics and tones? Have you ever wondered why a scary movie, isn’t that scary anymore when you turn down the volume? Read carefully the words and their meaning. They are all interacting with each other and the result is this complex beautiful result. Music

Every form of life is a vibration, an energy that is constantly evolving. The human being is a life form that can evolve indefinitely. Music is an energy that constantly surrounds us. The interaction between musical energy and our own vibration. When the body receives vibrations organs, will be influenced and can get excited or relaxed, depending on the frequency they are exposed to and the harmonic patterns. Do you remember the Japanese Doctor Maseru Emote? He studied the mystery of water, and the influence of it’s surroundings. How exposing water to music, transformed the molecular structure to a beautiful crystal. Have you ever wondered if applying this to the Human body which exists +/- 60% of water will affect your body?

Exposing your body to musical energy is an exciting experience…especially when you can do this at your own time

The difference between most audio systems and High-End systems is the quality and resolution. A High-End system will translate the music in a much cleaner way, allowing more details to be revealed and thus exposing your body to a more complete, whole experience. The level of resolution is so much higher than mid-fi systems. This results in a much faster way of balancing out your body and bring this relaxing state of joy and tranquility to you.

Now sit back and relax…Enjoy the music with your family as you all will tune into the music and your body’s will align and vibrate at the same frequency.

May I suggest Forest Murmurs from Wagner 🙂

Frank Vermeylen

High-End Audio consultant




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High End Audio Distribution – Your future


High End Audio Distribution

Starting a BLOG….Not an easy task if you’re starting from Scratch. Preferably I do spend my time with clients, listening to music, playing music with fellow musicians.

I don’t have a writers education, don’t know al the writer technicals and yet what i’m writing needs to be valuable. Every couple of weeks delivering a blog with information and have impact…That’s a mountain to climb…
I am no different than you…if you’re reading this blog. Know that also for me it’s a task.

Social media channels are the way to go…Are they essential business tools? Please check out the links on this website. like my facebookpage, connect on LinkedIn, look at my Pinterest… but Blogging…ouch…that wasn’t an easy one to start with…

So many things are written about Audio, High End, will another blog be valuable? I can hear you thinking. It’s like jitter and noise…

If I look back at my experience, Being a business owner, consultant, High End Audio audio expert, and musician…There’s so much knowledge to share…

But what is your interest? What do you want to read about?

What would be a truly valuable subject that inspires you and want’s you to read and learn more?

If you landed on my page, then there’s a reason for this. I have invited you, you have found me through social media, you’re one of my customers and you might be wondering… Why you are in my target audience.

My company’s mission statement is: Connecting people trough music. Contributing to a better world trough inspired music lovers, maximizing the performance of their audio systems and inspiring them to become consious,ambitious professionals.

if you recognize yourself, distributing great High-End Audio products, and willing to bring your business to the next level, with a constructive interaction between customers and users of your products.

Then I would like to know from you what your interest is

My questions are:

What would you want to read about?

What would you want to learn?

How can I be at your service?

Please comment below and let me know.

I’ll be more than happy to address your questions and provide the information requested.

Musically yours

Frank Vermeylen
Very Fine Solutions

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How to love your audio system

Love what you do, be passionate and live your life fully

sydneyopera2011We do hear this often, but are you living it?

Music was my first love, and it ‘ll be my last…. This great song from John Miles says it all, and I am quite sure it is one of the main reasons you are part of the audio industry.

Music has this unique ability to bring people together, regardless of their race or belief. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, neither their intelligence or physical condition. Music talks to all of us the same way.

How much do you love music and are you willing to stretch yourself and your system to maximize it’s performance.
Are you struggling to make it work? Not knowing how to reach the next level? True love is a matter of effort, rather than buying gifts.
In audio terms… are you willing to move your speakers and try out some tweaks to get there, or do you just buy more expensive toys.
Translating the emotions from an artist and reproduce them in your own living room. Welcoming them in your private “concert hall”… To what extend are you prepared to put in the effort? Do you have the right intentions to make this relationship work?

Every artist creates it’s own sound… Are you willing to capture that sound and reproduce their work as accurate as possible. Or is it more a “the speakers must go against the walls behind the curtains” situation? In either way it is possible to hear music… However, would you feel loved when you’re stuffed behind the curtains?
Would you feel loved when you’re not allowed to maximize your potential and feel limited by your partner. How much do you love your audio system?
Is it a healthy nurtured relationship or more a one night stand?

Maximizing each others potential is like creating the ultimate relationship.
Make your audio systems sing and perform like they have never before, for the love of music and music lovers.

I believe we can make it a more joyful world if every audio system would reach it’s full potential… Are you wondering if you reach the maximum performance of your equipment? Have you experimented and tried out different things? Just like you would do for the things you love in life…

How much do you love your job… how much effort do you put into your love? Maximize your potential and the potential of your audio system…A whole new world is about to open up.

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