Are you High End Audio Distributor

As an international Audio Distributor of High End Audio products you are facing many challenges in your market. The Audio Pie is getting divided in more and more pieces, How do you make your products stand out in your market? How to strengthen your market position?

Are you passionate about music? A business owner who distributes High End Audio products with passion and dedication. Do you love to experience music that makes you tapping your feet and puts a smile on your face, and share this with your customers?

Is this joy taken away by a lack of free time and way too much working hours? Are you struggeling to reach your customers due to loads of emails and paperwork… Wondering about your portfolio and how to open up new markets and increase your market position.

Are you facing difficulties to find the right customers and dealers?

Not sure if that customer asking for a demo is a real customer…?

Are you actively promoting your products and participating at trade shows? Realizing that every trade show costs you 2 weeks of time, the cost is expensive, and after the show you wonder about it’s ROI.

I have created a tool for you to deal more effectively with the Audio Show Struggle.

Download “7 steps to a succesfull Audio Show” and discover extremely important tools to optimize loudspeakerpositioning, how to deal with hotel room acoustics,  set up the system more effective and have great sound when the show starts…


Finally get these well deserved and needed hours of sleep before the show starts so your mind is fresh, your enthusiasm on maximum level and your focus on music…

Very Fine Solutions supports you to increase your market share, save time and enables you to have more time to enjoy music with your family and generate loyal happy customers.

Download  “7 steps for a succesfull Audio show” now and save hours on setting up an award winning High End System at the next show.



Let me know if you find this document useful.

Next to this I am offering you a toolbox to improve your business, maximize the performance of your products and become more effective while doing demo’s.

With this toolbox you’ll

  • Target the right audience and improve your communication.
  • Get more exposure.
  • Get more attention from the press and have Best Sound reviews at trade shows
  • Have a bigger purpose at the demo’s and turn your visitors into customers.

Do you want to know more? Are you interested in a free Skype meeting?

  • we look at your market and define your position
  • analyse the needs from your clients
  • how you can become more effective and strengthen your position

Your time is valuable. The normal cost of a business consultation is 297€/hr. Are you interested in defining your market and analysing your business. Discover ways to improve your marketing strategy and become more succesfull in the next year. Subscribe now and get a free 2 hr consultation with a value of 594€. And if you become one of my valued customers…it’s for free.

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Musically yours

Frank Vermeylen